Why You Should Choose To Live Away From Home At University

Why you should choose to live away from home at university Why You Should Choose To Live Away From Home At University

Choosing to live at or away from home whilst at university is a big decision. Whether it’s your first, second, or third year, moving into private student accommodation in Liverpool can heighten your whole uni experience.

Throughout this article, our experts will explore why living away from home whilst studying is a brilliant opportunity that can benefit you long into the future.

Enter a new world of independent living

Living self-sufficiently in Liverpool may seem daunting, but it’s incredibly liberating to shop, cook, and look after yourself away from your parents – trust us, your first big food shop will feel super rewarding!

Plus, moving out into your first home won’t seem so scary as you’ll already know how to manage finances and take care of yourself.

Be who you want to be

For various reasons, it can be hard to express yourself whilst living at home with your family – independent living will allow you to consider who you are, how you want to dress, and how you truly want to spend your time and live true to yourself.

You can dress in those ripped jeans your mum doesn’t quite understand or stay in your pyjamas all weekend without your dad passing judgement.

The choices are entirely up to you.

Make more friends

Although you’ll still make plenty of friends living at home, moving out opens up a new opportunity to become friends with people outside your course – and these friendships could last a lifetime.

Meeting new people will also aid your social skills and encourage you to mingle with people whom you may not usually gravitate to. Who knows, you could discover a hidden love for heavy metal music or find a new hobby after striking up a friendship with one of your new housemates.

Enjoy a new and exciting social life

Living away from home enables you to lead your social life however you wish. Party animals can go out till all hours and sleep in, whilst sports enthusiasts can join the football, rugby, or hockey team.

Living in accommodation also makes attending evening socials and events organised by uni sports clubs and societies easier as you don’t need to worry about travelling home – some universities even offer shuttle bus services that are free when you produce your uni card – allowing you to save money on taxis!

Be closer to the university

Depending on where you currently live, private university accommodation in Liverpool can be closer to the university – this means travel costs and times are reduced, and you can lie in that little bit longer.

That extra hour in bed will make all the difference come exam season – trust us!

Private student accommodation for all needs

At Caro Lettings, we offer a range of student accommodations in Liverpool, ideal for students looking to move away from the family home and into a contemporary student house or flat.

With buildings in excellent locations across the city, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation to suit your budget and needs.

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