What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Student House?

What are the benefits of living in a student house? What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Student House?

Student houses are a type of accommodation that university students rent with friends and course mates, usually after their first year.

They’re owned by a landlord or estate agent who charges weekly rent to all tenants.

Here’s everything you need to know about living in a student house.

Why live in a student house?

There are plenty of advantages to living in a student house share. Here are just a few:

Rent is more affordable

On average, in Liverpool, rent is more affordable for those students living in privately rented accommodations such as house shares, compared to private halls of residence – students pay between £25 and £70 less than those in university halls.

You’re more independent

Unless you’ve agreed a super convenient rental agreement with bills included, you’ll likely be paying your utility bills separately from your rent.

Whilst this can feel more hectic, it’s actually empowering once you become familiar with it – you’re only truly standing on your own two feet when you’re comparing gas and electric providers.

You can choose whom you live with

After making friends during fresher’s year, you’re probably eager to live with people you feel comfortable with when returning from the summer holidays.

Choosing whom to live with is fantastic as you know the personalities you’ll be sharing with, which can help you settle in much faster.

Before signing the rental agreement, ask yourself – did the people you’re planning to live with get on smoothly with housemates during the first year? Were they sensible on nights out? These questions will help you work out if someone is suitable to live with.

You can do your laundry on-site

If you lived in university halls, you’re probably familiar with tediously hauling your washing to the laundry room and paying to use the machines.

Thankfully, student houses often have a washing machine included, meaning you can wash your clothes without leaving the house and having to remember your pound coins.

Student houses are more homely

Depending on your landlord and tenant agreement, you usually have more freedom to make your home your own.

Breathe life into your room with decorative wall hangings, fairy lights and decorations.

Adding personality to your home means no house is identical, unlike student halls that are similar in design.

Additionally, with a house, you often have a garden to escape to in the spring and summer during the stressful exam season.

They’re also fantastic for house parties, providing a brief escape for when your lounge or kitchen becomes too lively or loud.

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