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Top tips for finding the ideal private student accommodation in Liverpool

Top Tips For Finding The Ideal Private Student Accommodation In Liverpool

Deciding to live in private student accommodation is an exciting prospect. But it can also be daunting when you consider that where you’re living as a student can significantly impact whether you enjoy your time in Liverpool. The right accommodation can put you right in the middle of the action, close to all the best …

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Do you need a guarantor for your student accommodation?

Do You Need A Guarantor For Your Student Accommodation?

If you’re planning to move into privately rented student accommodation, you’ll likely be asked to provide details for a person who will act as your guarantor. But what exactly does that mean? And who can you ask to take on the role? That’s what we look at in this blog. What is a guarantor? A …

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5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Uni - Caro

5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Uni

Unless you’ve got younger siblings, your days of ‘Trick or Treating’ are probably long gone. But that’s not to say can’t get involved in spooky antics this October! There are lots of cheap and cheerful things you can do to make October 31st extra special this year – both at your student accommodation and out …

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How to make your student accommodation cosy this autumn

How To Make Your Student Accommodation Cosy This Autumn

With the nights drawing in thick and fast, and the leaves beginning to turn brown, autumn has officially arrived – and winter won’t be far behind! You’ve probably already ordered your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year and dug out your woolly socks and duvet coat. But the question is – what can you …

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5 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow - Caro

5 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow

We’re almost always on our phones these days – either messaging in the group chat, sending Snapchats, or double-tapping on Instagram. However, just a few seconds spent scrolling on Instagram can lead to minutes (possibly even hours!) of procrastination, which is not ideal when you’ve got coursework coming out of your ears! While most students …

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5 Tips For Pre-Drinking At Uni

5 Tips For Pre-Drinking At Uni

Whether you’re living away from home for the first time or going into your second or third year, you’re probably looking forward to partying hard at uni. Whilst our student accommodation in Liverpool puts you within easy reach of the city’s lively nightlife, we appreciate that your budget might not always stretch to fancy cocktails …

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4 Easy Ways To Get To Know Your Housemates - Caro Lettings

4 Easy Ways To Get To Know Your Housemates

Leaving home for university? Moving from university halls to private housing in Liverpool? Either way, it’s worth getting to know the people you’ll be living with for the next year or so. After all, you’ll be seeing a lot of each other and spending a lot of your time together – whether you like it …

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How to prepare for student accommodation - Caro Lettings

How To Prepare For Student Accommodation

Leaving home for university is a BIG move. Not only is it likely to be your first time living independently, but you’ll probably be sharing accommodation with a group of complete strangers. Here at CARO Lettings, we can’t promise you won’t come across annoying housemates whilst staying at student accommodation in Liverpool. However, we can …

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Travel hacks for students - Caro Lettings

Travel Hacks For Students

With exam season done and dusted, you’re probably sitting tight and waiting nervously for your results to come back. But where’s the fun in that?! Now is your golden opportunity to enjoy a vacay! Sipping sangria by the pool with a good book in hand, soaking up that glorious sunshine, and exploring new places with …

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Top tips for cleaning your student accommodation - Caro Lettings

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Student Accommodation

Finding the time to clean your student accommodation can be tough – especially when you’re juggling your studies with social plans, workouts and a part-time job. However, keeping your room and shared facilities tidy and presentable will make it more comfortable for you to live and improve your ability to concentrate, which has a significant …

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How does inflation affect students at uni? - Caro Lettings

How Does Inflation Affect Students At Uni?

When your student loan lands in your bank account, it feels like a lot of money, doesn’t it? However, after paying your monthly rent, restocking the fridge, getting a round of drinks in at the bar, and treating yourself to a few new wardrobe staples – it soon disappears. Even more so with today’s rising …

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Why should CARO students shop locally? - Caro Lettings

Why Should CARO Students Shop Locally?

Shopping for groceries, household products or a birthday card for your housemate? With the rate of inflation increasing, affording the necessities is proving very difficult for students across the country – not just here in Liverpool. Supermarkets are constantly vying for our attention, and as a result, have started offering the same prices as products …

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