Top 4 Pre-Drinking Games For Uni Students

Top 4 pre-drinking games for uni students Top 4 Pre-Drinking Games For Uni Students

Drinking games have long been a feature in student culture, helping young people to break the ice and drink on a budget. Throughout this blog, we’ll explore the best drinking games to play at your student accommodations in Liverpool that are fun for all.

So, what are some of the best pre-drinking games and their rules?

Ring of fire

To begin, shuffle a deck of cards and fan them out face down on the table in a circle. Then, place a drinking cup in the middle of the cards. Each player then takes turns picking a card – each one has a rule you must follow.

2  Choose someone to take a drink
3  You drink
4  Ladies drink
5  You become the ‘thumb master.’ Whenever your thumb is on the table, everyone must copy. The last person to do this drinks, and your turn ends when someone draws another five.
6Men drink
7 (heaven)Whenever you raise your hand, others must copy – the last to raise theirs, drinks. Your turn ends when someone else draws a six.
8Select a drinking buddy to drink when you do.
9 (rhyme)Pick a word and everyone then says a word that rhymes with it, but beware – repeated words aren’t allowed. The one-to-fail, drinks. .
10Select a category i.e., football teams, and go around until someone repeats an answer or can’t think of one – this person then drinks.
JackCome up with a rule all must follow.
QueenIf a question is asked by anyone, the person who asked must drink.
KingPour some of your drink into the cup in the middle. If you draw the last king, you must drink the mixture.
Ace (waterfall)Everyone must drink until the drinker next to them stops.

The rules

Never have I ever

We’re all friends here – this game reveals the secrets of each gameplayer and funny stories.

To start, the first person says, “Never have I ever”, and follows with a daring confession – if you’ve done the same, you drink. For example, “Never have I ever skipped a lecture to sleep in.”

Beer Pong

Another staple of pre-drinking games to play in your university accommodation in Liverpool is beer pong. The game consists of two teams taking turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the other team’s cups. When the ball lands in a cup, someone in the opposition team must drink its contents.

To set up the game, organise two sets of 10 cups at each end of a table in a triangular shape, and fill each a quarter of the way with an alcohol of your choice. Then, split into two equal teams and let the fun commence.

Flip cup

If anticipation and fun are what you’re looking for, then you can’t go wrong with flip cup. Guests are split into two teams where each individual must finish their drink and then flip the plastic cup upside down so the next person can take their turn. The team to flip all their cups first wins!

Play drinking games and make friends in student accommodation in Liverpool

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