9 Mobile Apps That Take the Fuss Out of Business Travel

Liverpool One 9 Mobile Apps That Take the Fuss Out of Business Travel

Business travel is no mean feat. Though it can be occasionally glamorous and great things can come from it, most will tell you that it’s more often full of stresses, logistical challenges and mental demands.

Nevertheless, nobody can deny the value that pre-planning can bring…whether that’s booking a luxury short-stay apartment or downloading a handy app during your journey.
We’ve rounded up nine mobile apps that make all aspects of business travel a breeze. Check them out, download, and have your next trip go much more smoothly.


iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7

TripIt has made waves in the business world for its incredible utility and intuitiveness. If you download it to your device before you plan, then you can make full use of its awesome benefits next time you travel.

Once the app is downloaded and you begin arranging your trip, send all confirmation emails – whether for meetings, flights, car pickups etc – to plans@tripit.com.

The app will then send you a handy consolidated itinerary that’s easy to read and navigate and has your whole trip taken care of. Sync it to your calendar or share it with others. Now that’s the sort of planning we can get behind.


iOS Android, ¢99

Unfortunately, there are those times when you absolutely have to use public transport, like in the busy city of Liverpool. Luckily AllSubway is here to make it better.

AllSubway contains over 151 underground train and subway maps across 6 continents, with zoom and scroll and capabilities so you always know where you are. The maps are even available offline for stations that don’t have wifi, so you’re connected at all times. Now there’s no risk losing those paper maps you end up collecting in your bag.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Concur is the easiest way to look after your business expenses. Download it to your device and use the app to snap a pic of all your receipts (don’t forget taxi rides).

With each new receipt you photograph, you can quickly add a new ‘quick expense’, with the ability to add or amend details later. (Concur also enables you to import data from credit cards, if this is more convenient for you.)

After the trip is over, use the app to fire off an expense report to your boss. Voila! Expenses done and dusted.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Uber is already known for making taxi rides a whole lot simpler. But when it comes to business travel, we all know that a little extra planning is more crucial than ever.

Uber allows you to control important journeys to the last detail. Instead of hoping your driver will show up on time, you can order your ride from your phone and track your driver’s journey. Some cars even allow you to choose your own music for the journey by syncing your Spotify account – handy if you’re feeling anxious.

Once arrived, you can pay with your phone – no more fiddling with change – and emerge from a swish private car. Not too shabby.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Perfect for those who fly a lot, GateGuru is here to improve your use of time spent in airports.

Instead of waiting around for your gate to update, GateGuru gives you live updates as they happen so you’ll never be surprised. It also lets you know the length of the line from the baggage claim to your gate, so you can spend that pre-flight time as productively as possible and avoid rushing there last minute.


iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

The hard-working have still got to eat, right? Luckily, Foodspotting is here to make finding eateries as easy as possible, without fuss. Unlike most other restaurant finders out there, Foodspotting sorts by dishes, allowing users to search by ‘craving’ and then scroll through pictures of dishes others have recommended in that location.

Though it may not be the most traditional way find grub, Foodspotting aims to make finding good food “as easy as looking in a bakery window”. Filter your results by diet, cuisine, course or cost and share your recommendations with others.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire

If your business trip is overseas, then using Kayak will help you always get the best value flight.
However, unlike Sky Scanner, which only shows you flight prices right now, Kayak predicts air-fare fluctuations for the next 7 days, so you can plan your trip as economically as possible.

As well as flights, Kayak can now also be used to compare car rental prices and currency conversions. Use it in conjunction with Yapto.com to be automatically alerted when there’s a price drop in your itinerary.


iOS, Android

Download Waze to your device and never be late to a meeting again! Described as the most reliable real-time navigation app, Waze has over 50 million members contributing minute by minute information that could hinder your journey.

From road works to accidents, be updated of unexpected setbacks as they happen and let Waze locate you the best route. It’s even got hands-free voice control, making it perfect for solo drivers.


iPad only

Ditch the generic Power Point in favour of sleek, sophisticated presentations you can whip up in the back of a cab. StoryDesk is an iPad-only app that helps you create visually attractive, magazine-worthy presentations with client-interactive features and the ability to add sounds and music.

The majority of its features are available offline and you can play the presentation without a connection, so there’ll be no last-minute search for an Ethernet cable when you’re at your destination.

Remember, you can always find luxury short-stay accommodation in the centre of Liverpool with Caro Lettings, perfect for any business trip. Need residential accommodation? Take a look here.

Do you have any business travel apps you always use? Let us know in the comments!

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