How to Choose Great Accommodation for Your Next Business Trip

Parker Street living area How to Choose Great Accommodation for Your Next Business Trip

The world of business travel is one that comes with various highs and lows. On the plus side you’ve got rewards points, exciting new cities, and if you’re lucky, free meals. On the other side, however, you’re faced with costs, logistical nightmares and sometimes a lot of time to kill.

You can’t always control what happens on a business visit, but if there’s one thing you want to be sure of, it’s your accommodation. Take a look at these steps for choosing the perfect accommodation and getting in that much needed downtime.

1. Slash time or money with an optimal location

The location of where you stay will affect many things – travel time; costs; productivity, and what you can do during downtime being just some. Though it sounds obvious, how central your accommodation is to the city will probably affect how much you spend, though it can save money in other ways, such as limiting transport costs.

  • Look at where your meeting is being held (an office, restaurant or coffee shop) and use Google Maps to find what accommodation is within walking distance or a quick tube stop away.
  • When deciding. you might also want to check out houses for sale Bootle, nearby bars, shops or eating places. This will be your saving grace during downtime; the times you have a bit of time to kill between meetings, or maybe when you’re just looking to kick back with colleagues after the hard work is done.
  • As well as activities and logistics, think about sleeping environment. A busy, lively environment might be great for the day, but not so great at night. Others, meanwhile, will be undisturbed by city noise. Have a think about your own sleeping preferences and take this into account.

2. Work backwards to find a price that’s right for you

Choosing a place that’s within your budget sounds obvious, but as mentioned earlier, the right accommodation can cut costs elsewhere. Your budget will always be the main determiner of other amenities and features, but try to think about the needs and musts and what is most sensible for your trip, and finding a budget around that.

  • Think about how many people will be travelling. If it’s just yourself and a partner, you can afford to cover all bases on your list. If it’s a few more, the average budget per person might have to be lower.
  • Booking directly with the accommodation provider will nearly always save you money. Many offer special rates or rewards for business travellers too, making it more worth your while.
  • Serviced apartments can often help save more money in the long run, offering more privacy and flexibility than a hotel. Cooking facilities can also help save on meals out.

3. Avoid unnecessary stress with convenience

On a business trip, you don’t need any more reason to be stressed. As well as price, you’ll want to choose somewhere that’s convenient in order to ensure everyone stays relaxed and enjoys the trip. Convenience doesn’t just relate to how easy it is to find – it can relate to a whole number of things.

  • Is your place easy to navigate to on the map, either by car or on foot?
  • Is it close to relevant transport links in case you need to get across the city quickly?
  • Is there a 24 hour reception or somewhere you can grab assistance at any time?
  • Is there a lift for easy access to higher floors? (This may not be important for some people, think about who you’re travelling with.)

4. Use a little comfort to enhance employee mood

You don’t need to go for a full fitness spa to ensure everyone’s comfortable during their stay. But just paying attention to the little things that make a stay more pleasant can make all the difference to emloyee’s well being and mood.

  • Think about the space you’ll need for relaxing, working and storage.
  • Having enough room for all of your things and some space to kick back and relax is so important.
  • Take a look at the rooms online first. if possible. Is the decor warming and pleasant? Is there enough light to comfortably do work or read?
  • Check for a maid or laundry service, which can bring that added peace of mind on business visits.
  • A fridge and maybe some kitchen amenities can work wonders at helping people feel at home and offer more freedom over what and when you eat.

5. Be unstoppable by having the right facilities

The right facilities in your accommodation can avoid paying for extras or experiencing any setbacks during your stay. By ensuring you have everything you need beyond the bare essentials, you can be sure your trip is a productive and enjoyable one.

  • Private kitchens are fantastic for enjoying a warm cosy night in and also saving a bit of cash in the meantime. Serviced short stay apartments are often preferred over hotels for the privacy and flexibility they offer.
  • Wi-fi is essential if employees want to work in their spare time and also for communication. Ask whether the internet is wireless or hard-wired, as the latter will usually provide better speed.
  • A lounge, either in the privacy of one’s own apartment or a private hotel business lounge, can be a great area to work and hold small internal meetings.
  • Be sure you know a place where you’ll be able to print any last minute documents, if needed. Some hotels have ‘business centres’ where you can do this but. if not. make a note of the local library just in case.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, part of a start-up or work for a larger organisation, great accommodation is a must for good business travel. Caro’s Liverpool serviced apartments on Parker St are set to open summer 2017 and will offer luxury accommodation for all business travellers in Liverpool.

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