7 Ways to Make the Most of Student Life in Liverpool

7 Ways to Make the Most of Student Life in Liverpool

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Here’s our guide of 7 simple ways you can truly make the most of your student experience in Liverpool- the UK’s best student city!

If you’re a student in Liverpool, congratulations: you’re part of one of the most exciting student communities there is. In a city so filled with rich culture, vibrant nightlife and famous history, so many possibilities await for those young students just getting acquainted with uni life.

Whilst you might think you’re already familiar with the city, Liverpool is always throwing up fun new gems to be found. We put together this handy guide to making the most of student life in Liverpool, so whatever year of study you’re up to, start enjoying this incredible city immediately.

1. Save money with the city’s numerous student discounts.

Every student knows that the trust NUS card gets your some awesome discounts at a number of shops and services. But in Liverpool, there may be more than you think.

The Independent Liverpool card is available to all and gets you 10% off the city’s indie eateries and events. There are also lots of discounts to be had at Liverpool One and a plethora of rewards cards, each with their own worthwhile pay-offs. Take a look at these resources below to see what savings you might be missing out on.

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2. Keep up with events really worth seeing

With so much going on in Liverpool, it’s not too hard for students to suffer with serious FOMO. Every day, there is a new venue opening; a new flyer being pushed into your hand. Luckily, there’s a way to keep up with key events so you can simply attend the stuff worth going to -instead of cluttering up your schedule with naff or disappointing events.

Skiddle Liverpool Events – Skiddle.com
Ents 24 Liverpool – Sign up to receive alerts of when your favourite bands are touring the city
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3. Decorate your home without denting your loan

Once you’re grown up and moved out on your own, it’s a good idea to make your student accommodation feel as comfortable as possible so you’ll always be in a good mood to study and recuperate.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot to transform the interiors of a student house, or even in your dorm room. If you’re concerned about other housemates not pitching in, simply decorate your own bedroom so you can at least have the benefit to yourself.

Student Interior Design on a Budget – Studential.com
26 Ways to Have the Best Dorm Room Ever – Buzzfeed
15 Cute Decor Ideas to Jazz Up Your Uni Bedroom – Cosmopolitan

And may we remind you of your favourite buddy, Primark?

4. Feel right at home in the city’s student-friendly bars

Liverpool is pretty much famous for its awesome nightlife – it’s actually probably one of the main reasons it attracts so many students every year.

While there’s absolutely something for everyone in Liverpool, we believe some bars just have the edge, mostly because of their student-friendly vibe and their empathy for the limited student budget. Whether you’re into live music, cheap shots till 3am or just prefer a chilled beer and a pizza, you’re sure to find it right here in the North West city of dreams.

Liverpool’s Best 11 Student Nightclubs – Liverpool Echo
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5. Get around cheaply and easily

Liverpool’s transport system really isn’t a bad old thing. Although your lectures will probably all be within walking distance on campus, student need a quick, easy and cheap way to get elsewhere in the city at a moment’s notice.

Besides the good ol’ University of Liverpool bus, which takes students between the uni’s accommodation and campus, there’s also the green city bikes, which are super cheap and convenient, and cost-effective students passes for using the trains and public buses.

Take a look at the below resources to kick your usual transport costs into shape.

Seasonal Student Tickets – Arriva
Guide to Student Travel in Liverpool – Liverpool Echo
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6. Have plenty to do, without emptying your wallet

In Liverpool, you’ll never be stuck for something new to do, and the best part is that a lot of it is free or very cheap. Many people don’t realise how many free things there are to do in the city and even local overlook them.

Even if something’s not free, your NUS card will usually entitle you to exclusive student-friendly entry rates at the majority of attractions – another reason to make the most of it now!

Free Liverpool – Days Inn Liverpool
26 Things for Students to Do in Liverpool – Liverpool Echo
Free Things to Do in Liverpool – Skiddle

7. Stay sharp in some of the city’s best studying spots

When you’re bored to death of studying in your own bedroom, try changing up your swot spot. Studies have shown that a simple change of environment can work wonders with concentration, giving a fresh boost to memory and how well you consolidate information.

Lucky for you, Liverpool is awash with rich, cultural spots as well as pleasant green spaces that are just the ticket for inspirational learning. Then of course, there’s the beautiful libraries, which if you’re used to working there already, have their own secret sweet spots for the most productive session.

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