5 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow

5 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow - Caro 5 Instagram Accounts Every Student Should Follow

We’re almost always on our phones these days – either messaging in the group chat, sending Snapchats, or double-tapping on Instagram.

However, just a few seconds spent scrolling on Instagram can lead to minutes (possibly even hours!) of procrastination, which is not ideal when you’ve got coursework coming out of your ears!

While most students use this platform to upload pics to their grid and Insta story, there are plenty of accounts offering useful tips and guides for university students.

Here are some that the CARO Lettings team think you should absolutely hit the ‘follow’ button for…

1.    Buzzfeed (@buzzfeed)

After a stressful day of lectures, Buzzfeed is the perfect stress-reliever – guaranteed to give you something to chuckle at.

Before you know it, you’ll have shared loads of hilarious memes with your mates via DM, which is great for taking your mind off your studies for a short while.

2.    eBay (@ebay_uk)

Saving up for the latest tech, shoes, and the occasional study book can be tricky when you’re on a shoestring budget at uni. But that’s why it’s worth giving eBay a follow on Instagram.

As you’re scrolling through your feed, you’ll discover a wide range of posts offering unmissable deals and special offers – allowing you to pick up what you need for a fraction of the price. And that means you’ll have more to spend on the food shop and pre-drinks!

3.    That Student Page (@thatstudentpage)

Whether you’re the clumsy housemate at your student accommodation in Liverpool or you simply need the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling homesick, be sure to check out That Student Page on Insta!

You’ll find various memes and videos about the numerous tasks, worries, and challenges that students often face. You’ll probably be able to relate to many of them too – but even if you can’t, they’ll have you crying with laughter.

4.    The Body Coach (@thebodycoach)

Finding the time to work out can be difficult when you’re juggling your studies and social life. Much like affording a monthly gym membership and fighting the urge to order a takeaway.

However, The Body Coach account is run by fitness-fanatic, Joe Wicks. He uploads content daily – sharing a mix of HIIT workouts and healthy recipes that are super simple to make, taste yummy, and won’t break the bank. What’s not to love?

5.    The Good Quote (@thegoodquote)

Had a tough day at uni? Perhaps you’re struggling to make a start on that essay that’s due at the end of the week? Every now and again, we all need a little motivation and positivity.

Admittedly, The Good Quote on Insta won’t help you to complete your uni work but it will certainly give you a daily dose of inspiration and, ultimately, improve your emotional well-being.

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