Why staying in is the new going out

Pleasure on Business Trip Why staying in is the new going out

What springs to mind when you think about university life? We’ll bet it’s partying until the early hours, making new friends and rushing to get assignments done and submitted on time, right? But not anymore…

Due to the coronavirus, the UK is enduring its third national lockdown since March 2020. This means students are either having to study from home – with the distraction of younger siblings and pets – or to stay put at their student accommodation and access lectures online.

Whilst you’re bound to be missing pub lunches, nights out with your mates and struggling to find the motivation to exercise, change out of your pyjamas and wash your hair, here we look at just a few reasons why staying in at your student living could become the new norm (even once restrictions have been eased!).

Save your money

Liverpool is renowned for its lively bars and nightlife. However, 9 out of 10 times, you have to pay on the door to even get into a club – that’s before you’ve even thought about who’s getting the first round of drinks in! And, thanks to the convenience of contactless payments, your bank balance will certainly take a hit.

Don’t get us wrong, we all love to let our hair down and have a good time with our mates. But why not look at a cheaper alternative, like having a Zoom party where you won’t need to buy everyone a drink or pay for a cab home?

Avoid the crowds

Is there anything worse than queueing to get into a nightclub when it’s pouring down with rain? Let’s face it, we get our fair share here in the northwest and it can quite literally put a real damper on things.

Instead of wasting valuable drinking time and heading into town, why not have your own party at your student house? Whether it be just you and your housemates or a few people from your course, you can have just as much fun at your student accommodation in Liverpool – without being pushed and shoved on the dancefloor.

No dress code

You can’t beat a chilled night in watching Netflix with your stretchy sweatpants on and plenty of snacks. Whether it be a comedy film, TV series or murder documentary, you needn’t worry about ironing a smart shirt or slipping on a pair of barely-there heels. You can wear as much (or as little) as you like.

And if you’re someone who loves a good book, then why not grab yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, if you prefer) and give yourself a much-needed break from your studies?

These are just a few of the great reasons why you should opt for a quiet night in, as opposed to a boozy night in town (once bars, clubs and restaurants are allowed to reopen). We’ve only scratched the surface here. And if you’re a Caro student, all the more reason to stay home!

Our luxury yet affordable student accommodation in Liverpool comes with all the basic amenities, including a comfy bed that allows you to get your rest ahead of a busy day of virtual learning, a smart TV and Wi-Fi which means you can watch Netflix and catch up on all your favourite programmes, and an en-suite bathroom for convenience.

Add to this that all our buildings have communal areas for students to socialise, and well-equipped kitchen facilities, and you’ll be hard-pushed to find better student accommodation in Liverpool. So, if you’re not already staying with us, why not book a viewing today? We would love to show you around our four buildings – all situated in excellent locations and available to rent for an affordable rate. For the best price, call us on 0151 318 4743 or email enquiries@carolettings.com, and we’ll get back to you.

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