The Unofficial Guide To Every Student Accommodation Personality

The unofficial guide to every student accommodation personality The Unofficial Guide To Every Student Accommodation Personality

If you decide to fly the nest and live in accommodation at university, you’ll surely come across some fascinating characters during your student life – and you’ll have traits that make you stand out to others too!

Whether you’re already a resident living in student accommodation in Liverpool or looking at accommodation for the 24/2025 academic year, this light-hearted blog should help you determine which type of housemate you are and who you could be sharing a student home with.

Who could you be sharing your student accommodation in Liverpool with?

Within any student accommodation in Liverpool, you can expect to come across a range of different individuals with their unique quirks. However, there seems to be a particular set of personalities that are commonplace amongst most, if not all student flats and houses across the UK…

So, what are they, and which best aligns with you?

The mediator

Striving to keep the peace, the mediator helps to restore a more pleasant household atmosphere after a disagreement.

Even if you hit it off with your flatmates from the start, there are bound to be disputes at some point during your tenancy – after all, we’re only human and these things happen.

But not to worry, the mediator will act as the house negotiator, reasoning with all parties involved and helping to devise a fair dish-cleaning system that works for all!

If you’ve always found yourself playing this role, your flatmates will have gained one of the most desirable roommates they could ask for.

The social butterfly

Blessed with the gift of the gab, the social butterfly is a hub of social activity, constantly out making new friends and introducing you to people you might never have spoken to otherwise.

These individuals can become a little too much for those who are more reserved, so if you feel you’re a social butterfly, try and read the room if the rest of your house wants a quiet night in.

The “in it for the experience” one

Also referred to as the party animal, those “in it for the experience” are very much dedicated to hitting the town every night rather than their studies – if there was a degree in partying, they’d graduate with a first!

Student pranks are often undertaken by these individuals, who also consider themselves practical jokers. So, if you wake up to find your tinned goods without their labels, you know who to blame.

The fridge raider

From chicken fillets and orange juice to tinned tomatoes and pasta, no food item is safe from the fridge raider. 

These menaces are terrible for “borrowing” food and conveniently forgetting to replace what they’ve used. But with some subtle, or not-so-subtle hints, they usually come to their senses and pay back what they owe!

The gym-freak

This housemate is a protein shake connoisseur who won’t let anything get in the way of their morning jog or gym session. Wind, rain, snow, or hail, they’re dedicated enough to brave the elements and maintain their fitness, even before their 9 am lecture!

If you fancy getting into shape or need a gym buddy to show you the ropes, this flatmate will have your back and will usually be happy to help.

The neat one

If you’re looking for an argument, leaving your wet towels screwed up on the bathroom floor will certainly trigger one with this orderly individual.

To say this type of person is tidy-obsessed is an understatement – the neat one is the flat’s cleanoholic, who prides themself on having a home that’s a beacon of cleanliness, tidiness, and good hygiene.

If you feel yourself twitching whenever you see shoes left across the lounge floor, you could well and truly belong to the order of the neat freaks, which is certainly a good thing.

The not-so-neat one

The elected arch-nemesis of the neat one, this trying character often ruffles feathers due to their untidy habits and slob-like ways. Leaving a trail of dirty dishes wherever they go, you certainly don’t want to be this personality as it won’t make you any friends.

So, if you gained a reputation at home as being untidy, you should make a considered effort to change your ways before moving into your student accommodation in Liverpool.

The spiritualist

It’s all “namaste and chill” with the spiritualist – an eccentric individual who’ll frequently remind you that they “found themself in Thailand” last summer.

Some students have even reported these individuals floating into communal areas on a cloud of incense, which has now become the official scent of the household.

Thankfully, this bohemian addition to your flat is typically a fun-loving soul who brings a relaxed and calming vibe to the group and usually makes for a wonderful friend throughout and beyond your time at university.

The myth

Did their door just open and close? Are they a ghost? Have they moved out? Myths are elusive roommates who tend to keep to themselves, enjoy their own company, and don’t care too much for socials.

However, they could just be a little shy and may come out of their shell after spending some time with the rest of the flat – so be sure to knock on their door and invite them out for a movie night, or even just a brew!

Who could you be sharing your student accommodation in Liverpool with?

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