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15 Inspirational Entrepreneur Blogs to Motivate You in 2018

As a full-time entrepreneur, or even someone that’s trying to build their business on the side of full-time work, sometimes you just need a little encouragement. You want to know that it can be done. That the blood, sweat and tears are all worth it. That you’re going about it the ‘right’ way. Or maybe …

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10 Super Easy Time Management Techniques to Boost Your Grades Today

Are you constantly finding yourself strapped for time? Does it feel that no matter how well you start off the semester, you always end up falling into bad habits? Perhaps you’re guilty of getting distracted by things that don’t matter, or leaving your essays to the last minute. Well, Caro Student wants to help, by …

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Your Guide to Making Second Semester Better than Ever

January. Just the name of this month has the ability to send chills down anybody’s spine. If you’re a student however, January means the start of a new semester, which usually involves fun house parties, new classes and the promise of spring ahead. But if you’re really going to make this semester a good one …

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The Coolest Places to Hang Out In Liverpool Right Now

New year, new beginnings. New means exciting, right? Intriguing and inspiring. Except January and February can be pretty bleak months, to say the least. Who wants to go out when it’s minus degrees outside and/or raining sideways? Don’t don your dressing gown and slip into hibernation just yet, however. This month there’s a whole lot …

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The Best Cities in Europe for a Winter Break

If the hustle and bustle of Christmas is getting the better of you, why not consider a luscious winter city break? Though the spirit of Christmas is still present as ever, sometimes a change of scenery can be all that’s needed to really appreciate this exciting holiday. From the world’s greatest Christmas markets to natural …

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10 Ultimate Ways to Make the Most of Your Christmas Break

The Christmas holidays are one of the longer stints of free time you’ll have as a student, and a perfect opportunity to catch up with family. And because Christmas is a pretty awesome time, it’s also a great opportunity to do a bunch of other cool stuff as well. (Taste-testing every brand of mince pies …

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The Complete Student Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Life

December is here. And of course, that means CHRISTMAS! Though Christmas as a student can be hella fun (Aldi mince pies and more booze, anyone?), it can also be damn expensive. We at Caro Lettings feel your pain, so we’ve put together this nifty Christmas Gift Guide to help you plan festive shopping with ease. …

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10 Liverpool Christmas Events To Get You In The Festive Spirit

With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the perfect time for a festive city break. And what better city to visit than Liverpool? We love Liverpool any time of year, but Liverpool at Christmas is another story. Dazzling lights, mouth watering food, stunning architecture and friendly residents all come together to create the perfect festive …

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Staying in is the new going out - Caro Lettings

20 Ways to Bring More Pleasure to Your Business Trip

Business travel can be fun and exciting, but it soon loses it’s charm after the umpteenth economy flight and the stress of expense reports. Luckily, you CAN make business travel fun again (or at least, not terrible). With a bit of extra planning, awareness, and maybe a bit of gumption, you can shape your business …

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The Complete Guide to Bossing Your First Year of Uni

Life in first year can be so full on, you might not know where to start! Well have no fear, here at CARO Lettings we have compiled a list of everything you should take advantage of in your first year living in Liverpool! Take in everything Liverpool has to offer with your new found university …

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The Best Student Nights in Liverpool (that won’t leave you skint)

Whether your Fresher’s week just ended or still going on (we’re looking at you, JMU), you’ll be glad to know the party is far from over. Liverpool is a city known for its striking culture, rich history and famous musicians. But luckily for you guys, it’s also pretty well known for its student nights, ensuring …

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8 Unique Ways to Spend a Weekend in Liverpool (From The Experts)

From foodie goldmines and drinking hideaways, to an array of historical and cultural hotspots…deciding how to spend a weekend in Liverpool can be pretty overwhelming. (And as providers of luxury short stay apartments, we would know.) But if you’re looking for something really unique, then look no further. We asked some of the city’s biggest …

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