The 5 Benefits of a Mid-to-Long Term Business Stay

The 5 Benefits of a Mid-to-Long Term Business Stay

Travelling for business and staying somewhere far from home is by no means a new thing.

But more and more employers are starting to see the benefits of securing a mid-to-long term business stay contract for their employees…and more accommodation providers are offering it.

A mid or long-term business stay basically means that an individual or company is contracted to be able to stay in a certain place for a longer period of time – say two weeks or more. This can be highly beneficial for construction workers needing to be on the same site every day for weeks at a time…or those working in a different city for an agreed period.

Here are five benefits to this new way of working, which can be hugely helpful for those who frequently need to travel for work.

1. Everyone will be closer to work.

When you agree to have your whole workforce stay in accommodation that’s close to the work site, it enables everyone to be closer to work and reduces the stress and costs of commuting.

Whether you’re contracted to be on a construction site or work from a certain office, it can be helpful when working on a project for a specified length of time to be close to work so that time and energy can be spent on the work at hand.

2. You’ll save on accommodation costs

Whether you’re a contractor that’s responsible for their own accommodation, you run your own business or you’re responsible for finding accommodation for your team…choosing a mid-to-long term stay contract will drastically help you to reduce costs.

Some accommodation providers will offer discounts for business travellers needing to stay there for a significant amount of time – say one month or more. If you find accommodation you like – whether it’s self-catered apartments or a great hotel – it’s always worth asking if they offer a reduced deal for staying longer.

At Caro, we offer a great discount on our range of apartments for those staying two weeks or more – so you can have peace of mind that staying closer to work isn’t going to break the company budget.

3. Keep everything in one place

As a frequent business traveller, it can be annoying having to pack up all your stuff each time you vacate your accommodation – especially if you regularly return to the same location to do business!

One great benefit of a mid-to-long term business stay is that employees can leave all of their things in one place – at least for the duration of their contract. That means if you’re working on specific project over a few weeks or more, you won’t have the added stress and hassle of schlepping your stuff around. This can be particularly beneficial if you need to bring tools or equipment to the job.

4. Stay on the scene of the action

By being closer to work, employees will get more chance to explore the city they’re working in, and – thanks to the shorter commute time – more free time overall!

This can be a great chance for employees to bond with one another…or simply just be closer to the scene of the action (if they live far from the work site).

5. Better communication overall

By having the whole team stay close to the work site for the duration of a project, this will likely help improve communication and synchronicity overall.

Not only will the commute to work be shorter and more straight-forward (as everyone will be travelling from the same place), it’ll also be easier to communicate important issues to the team, and have everyone working to the same plan.

Do you think a longer-term business stay could help you? Get in touch to hear more about our apartment contracts, specially for business travellers.

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