How To Prepare For A Festival While At University

How to prepare for a festival while at university - Caro Lettings How To Prepare For A Festival While At University

As you’re aware, concerts and music festivals were put on hold throughout 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, more than ever before, we’re excited to be able to attend summer music festivals and enjoy live music in 2022 – instead of watching from the comfort of our homes (or student accommodation) on the TV!

Whilst the festival season is usually around the same time as exams for university students, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. The trick here is to be prepared and plan ahead as much as possible.

As seasoned festival-goers ourselves, here at CARO Lettings, we thought we’d share a few tips for students preparing for festivals this coming summer.

5 top tips for students attending music festivals

First and foremost, you need to keep an eye out for the line-up to be announced.

Is your favourite band headlining? Perhaps you’ve never seen the supporting act live – but it’s something you’ve had on your bucket list for a long time?

It’s also worth setting up alerts for when tickets go on sale (including VIP tickets, day tickets and weekend tickets). This way you can check your exam timetable and make sure it doesn’t clash with your studying.

Plus, you can bet tickets will sell out quickly, with everyone desperate to enjoy live music performances after what feels like a lifetime.

If you’re planning on going to a festival with your housemates, course-mates or friends from home, bear the following in mind:

1.    Choose a suitable bag

If you’re spending one day in the field – surrounded by fellow music lovers – you’ll only really need a small bag to carry cash and your phone.

However, if you’ll be pitching up your tent for a couple of days, you’ll need something big enough to fit the above, as well as a spare change of clothes, toiletries and a towel.

Our best advice is to take as little as possible. And avoid taking a suitcase as it’ll only end up caked in mud.

2.    Opt for comfortable footwear

You can expect long queues and hours spent on your feet at music festivals, which means a comfy pair of shoes (no stiletto heels!) is essential.

Something else to remember when choosing your festival outfits is that your shoes are bound to get very muddy – so it’s not recommended to wear your favourite pair of designer shoes or bright white trainers.

Instead, we suggest digging out an older pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Or better yet, a pair of trusty wellies that will keep your feet dry all day long.

3.    Pack for all weathers

Given that most festivals are held in the summertime, you must apply sun cream (or makeup with a high SPF) to ensure you don’t leave with scorching sunburn!

A sunhat/cap and sunglasses will not only finish your ‘cool look’ but will protect your head, neck and eyes from the sun’s rays too.

Whilst it’s important to be prepared for soaring temperatures, it’s also worth keeping a poncho in case of a rain shower. And having an extra layer to put on is ideal for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

4.    Don’t forget the baby wipes

For the most part, public restrooms are your only option for going to the bathroom (and showering if you’re camping). Hundreds of people will share these, which means, by the end of the day, they can be in a right state.

Having a pack of wet wipes will come in handy when your portaloo doesn’t have any toilet paper, soap or hand gel left. What’s more, you can easily wipe yourself down – not forgetting your shoes.

5.    Keep your cash close

Bum bags (aka fanny packs or belt bags) are an absolute must-have for festivals – allowing you to keep your money and precious items close at all times.

They can be worn underneath your clothes or layered over the top – either around the waist, slung across the chest or under a jacket.

Available in various colourways, styles, sizes and brands, you’re sure to find a suitable belt bag for the festival season. And unlike other accessories, it won’t break the bank, which is ideal for students on a budget.

Want to know more?

There are lots of things you can do to prepare for a festival whilst studying for your degree at the same time, we’ve only scratched the surface here.

For more tips on getting ready for the festival season and making the most of the summer whilst staying at our student accommodation in Liverpool, don’t hesitate to get in touch with CARO Lettings.

We provide some of the best student accommodation Liverpool has to offer and have vast experience when it comes to attending festivals. Our team will be more than happy to guide and advise you, so why not call us on 0151 318 4743?

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