How do I find people to live with in my second year of uni?

How do I find people to live with in my second year of uni?

If you didn’t particularly get along with your flatmates in first year or have decided to move out of your family home, deciding who to live with for your second year of university can be tough. 

But don’t worry, there are plenty of people in your position.

So, how can you find people to live with?

Here are our suggestions.

Ask your friends where they’re going to live.

If you chose to live in university owned accommodation for your first year, you were probably randomly allocated a flat with other first years.

Some flats hit it off straight away, but don’t worry if you didn’t, it’s not the end of the world. You’d be surprised how many people find themselves in the same boat.

If you did get along with your flatmates, you can always search for second year accommodation with them.

Even if you didn’t get along with your flatmates, chances are by now you’ve probably made friends outside of your accommodation – on your course or by joining societies.

So, speak to these friends. They might have a spare room in their accommodation or might know of someone who does – at least you know you’ll have something in common.

Speak to your university’s accommodation team.

Some universities offer limited accommodation to second and third years. Like with first year accommodation, you will probably get randomly allocated a flat with other students, so you don’t need to worry about knowing anyone beforehand.

Usually, this will be in a block with other returning students, so you won’t need to deal with loud, excitable freshers when you’re pulling all-nighters to meet your deadlines.

Even if your university doesn’t offer accommodation to second or third years, still speak to your university’s accommodation team. They’ll be able to provide advice and might be able to put you in touch with other students in the same position so you can arrange a flat share or other accommodation together.

Find a room in a house share

This is a popular option for many students.

Whether it’s a group of friends who are looking for one more person to join their house or a house rented room by room – a house share is a great option for returning students trying to find somewhere to stay.

These are usually promoted online or maybe even through your Students’ Union.

They’re a great option if you’ve missed out on the opportunity to find somewhere with your friends or would like to meet new people.

Consider privately rented accommodation.

Privately rented student accommodation in Liverpool is a great option.

Similar to the university owned accommodation you may have stayed in during first year, privately owned accommodation provides a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. Plus, all bills are usually included, so it’s a no brainer when it comes to budgeting!

You can choose to live with people you already know or can opt to be allocated a flat with other like-minded individuals who you haven’t yet met. With flat sizes ranging from 3-14 bedrooms, you’ll be sure to make friends in no time.

Facebook groups will probably be set up before you move in, so you’ll have plenty of time to break the ice and get to know your flatmates before living with them.

Or, if you prefer to have your own space, you can opt for a studio flat.

Although you’ll have your own kitchenette and ensuite bathroom, you’ll still have access to all communal areas, giving you the opportunity to be as sociable as you wish.

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