6 questions to ask before choosing your student accommodation in Liverpool

City Point - Caro Lettings 6 questions to ask before choosing your student accommodation in Liverpool

Whether you’re moving away from home for the first time, or looking for second year accommodation, the idea of choosing your home for the next year is exciting.

A place to call your own. And with your own space comes your own freedom.

But, before jumping into any contracts, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

So, here are the questions we recommend you ask before choosing your student accommodation in Liverpool.

Which bills are included?

Does your rent include bills? Or do you need to sort these yourself?

Your broadband and wifi, even your heating, water and electricity. These all cost money.

If your bills are included, you don’t need to worry.

If they’re not, you’ll need to make sure you budget for these every month.

Your TV licence is definitely not one to forget (unless you want to wind up with a fine).

Although many student accommodation options include bills in the monthly/termly payments, your TV licence isn’t usually included. So, if you want to watch live TV or use iPlayer in your room, you’ll need to sort a licence.

Will your room be furnished?

Usually, the answer is yes.

Most student accommodation providers understand that, as a student, you may not have the funds to furnish your accommodation.

Plus, you’re probably only going to be in the accommodation for a portion of the year, why would you want to spend hundreds of pounds on furniture to then have to move it home for summer and back to university in September.

If your room will be furnished, you may wish to find out what’s included. You’ll need to know the size of your bed to buy the right bedding, for example.

What’s the visitor policy?

So, your friends from home are visiting you for the weekend. But where will they stay?

Often, student accommodation providers allow visitors to stay with you, however, each will have its own policy.

This visitor policy is for your own safety. It allows the security team to know whether there should be any unfamiliar faces around the property.

Some providers may require advance notice, others will just require visitors to sign in when they arrive.

To avoid any issues in the future, make sure to ask this question before making your decision.  

Where do I do my laundry?

Unfortunately, when you move to university you can’t just ask your mum to do your laundry.

Now that you’re going to be doing your own laundry, you need to know where the washing machines are.

Usually, most student accommodation options offer their own laundry facilities. These are often housed in a communal area within your accommodation.

Often you will need to pay when using the laundry facilities at your student accommodation – this is something you will now need to budget for.

To help you budget for this, ask how much it will cost per laundry load.

Is parking included?

Public transport in Liverpool is fantastic.

But if you’ve got your own car (or plan on buying one while at uni) you’ll need a place to park it.

So, make sure to find out whether the accommodation comes with parking.

If it does, is this free or do you need to pay for a permit?

If parking isn’t provided, you’ll need to find accommodation close to a safe, secure car park.

Are there any additional facilities included?

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your student accommodation. Do you have access to any facilities outside of your flat?

A common room, lounge area or gym perhaps?

These areas make it easier for you to get to know other residents aside from your new flatmates.

For example, here at Caro Lettings, our residents have access to a fully equipped gym, where they can let off steam after a long day of lectures, or start their weekend in a productive, healthy way

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