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8 Common Business Travel Problems (& How to Overcome Them)

Business travel can be fun and exciting, but it can be messy too. Many travellers will undoubtedly run into hiccups somewhere along the way, which experienced travellers say you learn to overcome with time. But you don’t need to wait till you’ve done a lap around the country to know how to handle travel issues. …

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The Complete Guide to Preparing for Any Business Trip

Business travel can be fun and exciting, but it can also be demanding and stressful. Whether it’s your first business trip or you’re a business travel pro, there’s rarely a shortage of things to think about. ‘What will the trip entail?’ ‘What if I forget something?’ ‘Can I use this to impress my boss?’ ‘How …

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How to Choose Great Accommodation for Your Next Business Trip

The world of business travel is one that comes with various highs and lows. On the plus side you’ve got rewards points, exciting new cities, and if you’re lucky, free meals. On the other side, however, you’re faced with costs, logistical nightmares and sometimes a lot of time to kill. You can’t always control what …

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9 Mobile Apps That Take the Fuss Out of Business Travel

Business travel is no mean feat. Though it can be occasionally glamorous and great things can come from it, most will tell you that it’s more often full of stresses, logistical challenges and mental demands. Nevertheless, nobody can deny the value that pre-planning can bring…whether that’s booking a luxury short-stay apartment or downloading a handy …

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