Why a Short Stay Apartment is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Business Trip

Airport Window Why a Short Stay Apartment is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Business Trip

Many UK workers have to travel as part of their job, which can involve staying away from home for a few nights or more. Naturally, anyone in this position will look for accommodation that is comfortable to stay in and gives them an effective base to operate from. Many people will opt to book a hotel without considering other options open to them.

So, what other choices are available when heading to Liverpool for a work trip or project? By far the best is a short stay apartment. These are serviced apartments which can be booked for short-term lets and offer unique benefits that hotels cannot.

If you are wondering why you should book a luxury short-stay apartment for your next business trip to Merseyside, the below should help.

Great range of choice

When you book a hotel, the variety in terms of rooms is usually fairly limited. By contrast, short stay apartments come in a wider array of sizes and are much easier to organise and decorate how you like. You can choose whether you want a large living area, how many bedrooms you would like and much more. This allows you to stay somewhere that has all you need and is suited to what you want.

Extra space

One thing you will usually get with any short-stay apartment in Liverpool is more space. Compared to even the most generously sized hotel rooms, apartments like this will have more space to relax in. This is perfect if you plan to exercise there after work, for example, and need the extra room to do so properly. More space is also great if you have work colleagues over for a few drinks at the end of the day or to brainstorm new ideas one evening. Of course, having a bigger place to call home simply feels better and helps make your stay more enjoyable too

Home from home feel

Hotels can be very nice, but often have an impersonal feel to them. This is understandable due to their nature, but it is not an atmosphere many business-people will want to live in for any period of time. Short-stay apartments have a much more homely feel and help to make you feel more settled when away. This is especially true if you have your own family and are used to that sort of feeling in your normal life. With home-style fittings and furnishings in most short-term flats, you will always have somewhere welcoming to come back to when away for business in the city.

Superb value for money

When you factor in all the extras you get such as more space and handy appliances to use, short-stay apartments are actually better value for money. Compared to what you pay for just one room in a hotel, the money you spend on an apartment rental gets you much more. Having key appliances like a cooker, dishwasher and washer also gives you more flexibility in how you live while away. If you’re tired after work one night and simply want to cook a quick meal yourself and relax on the sofa, you can.

More relaxed

There is no getting away from it – hotels can often be hectic places which are hard to fully unwind in after a busy day. From loud people in the neighbouring rooms to noise in the corridor, hotels can be tough places to switch off in. These types of problem are not an issue when you stay in a short-stay flat as they are much more peaceful, tranquil places to call home

All our apartments offer the above benefits and are sure to make any work trip more enjoyable. Our apartments are finished to the highest standard and have all the fittings and furnishings you would expect. Found in convenient city centre locations, they allow you to not only reach your workplace in Liverpool easily but also see more of the city when not working.

If you are looking for the best short stay apartments in Liverpool, get in touch with us today.

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