Top Tips For Cleaning Your Student Accommodation

Top tips for cleaning your student accommodation - Caro Lettings Top Tips For Cleaning Your Student Accommodation

Finding the time to clean your student accommodation can be tough – especially when you’re juggling your studies with social plans, workouts and a part-time job.

However, keeping your room and shared facilities tidy and presentable will make it more comfortable for you to live and improve your ability to concentrate, which has a significant impact on your academic performance. It’ll also make it a whole lot easier for you when it’s time to move out of your accommodation at the end of the year.

Here the team at CARO Lettings offer a few handy hints to help you keep the mess to a minimum at your Liverpool accommodation – allowing for a hassle-free move when the time comes.

#1 Organise your wardrobe

After a busy day of lectures at uni, the urge to get comfy in bed and watch your fave Netflix shows until you fall asleep is greater than ever. But if you couldn’t decide what to wear in the morning, and your bed is now covered in clothes and hangers, you’re going to struggle to even get under the duvet.

Putting things away as soon as they’ve been washed, dried and ironed will make it easier for you to climb into bed at night. It’ll also prevent your room from looking like a bombsite, and you needn’t worry about having odd socks or misplacing your lucky pants!

Storage boxes are ideal for keeping clothing, accessories and any other items you can’t fit in your wardrobe or drawers. Foldable options can be easily stacked on top of each other, whilst under-the-bed boxes can be hidden from view beneath your bedframe.

#2 Use containers in the kitchen

Whether it be for tea, coffee and sugar, or pasta, cereal and bread, having tubs for different food items will keep your kitchen cupboards, fridge and worktops tidy at student accommodation in Liverpool. It will help you when you’re writing a shopping list too, as you’ll be able to see what you’ve got and what you need to replenish.

Storing things in this way will also eliminate wastage, ensuring food gets used up before your housemates open new packets.

It needn’t break the bank either, as you can pick up storage containers, caddies and jars from most supermarkets these days – including cheaper stores such as B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland and Wilko.

#3 Don’t put it off!

Getting into the routine of washing up your breakfast pots in the morning will give you one less job to do when you arrive back at your student accommodation. Don’t leave it until the end of the day when you’re absolutely worn out.

The same applies with hoovering your bedroom floor. The longer you leave it, the messier it will be. Therefore, set aside some time on your day off or at the weekend to give the place a quick vacuum. For shared areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, it’s worth creating a schedule and taking it in turns to clean them, so it’s fair.

If you’re preparing to move back home – either for the summer or after three (or more) fantastic years at uni – make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to pack things up. Often, organising your belongings and decluttering your space in the AM – before you do anything else – will allow you to utilise your time better and save you the stress on moving day.

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