The Benefits Of Shopping Locally

Shop Local - Caro Lettings The Benefits Of Shopping Locally

Regardless of whether you’re in your first year or your third year, managing your finances at university is never easy.

Aside from paying the monthly rent and affording the weekly food shop, you’ll probably want to be able to fund nights out in town and sport the latest fashion trends, too.

UNiDays and Student Beans make it possible for you to purchase the essentials (e.g. clothes, food, tech, travel, etc.) at a discounted price. But shopping locally will also help you minimise your expenditure whilst studying for your degree.

What does ‘shopping locally’ mean?

Put simply, shopping locally is where you purchase products from a small business in your local area – either in-person or online.

Opting to shop locally, instead of ordering from large corporations such as Amazon, has many benefits.

Here Caro Lettings share some of the biggest advantages of using local businesses, particularly for students staying at student accommodation in Liverpool.

6 reasons students should shop local

1.     It’s convenient

Is there anything worse than feeling peckish, only to discover that the fridge in the shared kitchen is empty?

Probably not – but local shops are just a short walk from our student accommodation in Liverpool, meaning you needn’t venture too far when your tummy is rumbling.

Convenience plays a huge part in our lives these days. Shopping locally will save you the hassle of hopping on the bus into town and worrying about your carrier bags snapping before you make it back to your digs.

2.    It’s better for the environment

Choosing to shop locally has a smaller impact on the environment than purchasing from large retailers, as locally-made products often don’t have to travel as far to reach their end destination. That means fewer lorries, ships, planes, and trains are required, generating less carbon dioxide.

Using the shops that are around the corner will also reduce the need for single-use carrier bags.

If you’ll struggle to get your shopping back to your student accommodation in one piece, ask one of your housemates to help you. Or you could invest in one or two reusable bags to reduce your carbon footprint.

3.    You support local businesses

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to support small, independent businesses by shopping local. Many businesses and charities struggled to stay afloat, while others needed to find new ways to meet customer demands.

As things are starting to return to “normal”, choosing to buy from businesses and charity shops close by will not only support them financially but also help them to continue doing the great work they do.

4.    It helps create local jobs

Are you looking for a part-time job whilst you’re studying? Surprisingly, small businesses are the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities. So, before you apply to large chain stores for temporary work, try those on your doorstep first.

Giving your custom to local businesses can have a positive effect on the health of the local jobs in your area as well. For one, employees won’t need to commute, which means they’ll spend less time in queueing traffic. And there will be less pollution.

5.    Customer service is better

Whether you’re popping to the shop for a loaf of bread and some milk for your breakfast, or you’re stocking up on booze for pre-drinks at your student accommodation in Liverpool, you want to be greeted by friendly staff.

Local businesses are run by people – not stockholders, boards, or algorithms. Therefore, they tend to offer a more personal touch and can provide recommendations on the most suitable products for you and your student house. You’re more than just a number.

Also, it’s worth noting that independent businesses stock an inventory based on their customer’s choices, as opposed to larger chains that follow national trends.

6.    There are plenty of brilliant deals to be found

When you shop locally, business owners often purchase their stock from local businesses (i.e. farmers, butchers, and other service providers) and donate more to local charities.

They rely on footfall from local people. To entice potential customers through the door and increase their sales, they often provide promotional events and special offers.

However, one of the biggest perks of shopping locally for Caro Students is there are huge savings to be had – thanks to our new discount card!

Need to find student accommodation in Liverpool?

Caro Lettings provide some of the best student accommodation Liverpool has to offer.

We have buildings in fantastic locations across the city – all within easy reach of the major universities and local shops. And bills are included in the monthly rent, meaning you can afford to splurge on food, clothes, parties, and other necessities.

To help our students be savvier with money, we’ve also created a discount card – allowing you to save money when you use local businesses.

If you’d like to know more about our student accommodation in Liverpool or our discount card for shopping locally, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can either call 0151 318 4743 or email

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