How To Prepare For Student Accommodation

How to prepare for student accommodation - Caro Lettings How To Prepare For Student Accommodation

Leaving home for university is a BIG move.

Not only is it likely to be your first time living independently, but you’ll probably be sharing accommodation with a group of complete strangers.

Here at CARO Lettings, we can’t promise you won’t come across annoying housemates whilst staying at student accommodation in Liverpool. However, we can help you to prepare yourself for living away from your home comforts and adapting to student life.

4 tips for first-year students

1.    Learn how to cook

When you lived at home, Mum and Dad probably cooked you breakfast, dinner and tea – meaning you’ve never really had to put your culinary skills to the test.

If you’re lucky, one of your housemates might be a whizz in the kitchen and teach you how to cook tasty meals. But it’s worth practising some simple recipes at home before you head off to uni. This way, you can use your time wisely to hone your skills and ask your parents for tips.

2.    Take the necessities only

Whilst you might be tempted to pack everything bar the kitchen sink when moving to university, it’s not necessary!

Every room at our student accommodation in Liverpool comes with high quality furnishings, and all CARO students have access to a communal kitchen and living room – not to mention a host of other cool facilities.

It’s a sensible idea to find out what your housemates will be taking to uni with them. There may be some items that you can all share – reducing the need for 3 pairs of oven mitts, 4 toastie makers and 5 sets of pans!

If there’s anything that you’ve forgotten, or you suddenly realise you need something – don’t panic. You can always make a trip to Aldi, B&M or Home Bargains.

3.    Get to know your housemates

Sharing a place with people you’ve never met before can be daunting – but remember, you’re all in the same boat.

When you move in, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and get to know everyone. You might find out that you’re studying the same course, or you share similar interests with them. Try and get involved with as many group activities as possible.

4.    Enjoy it!

You might have reservations about going to uni – living with people you don’t know and budgeting your money – but it’s important you make the most of your experience.

Join societies and clubs. Accept invites to parties. Go on nights out and play drinking games with your housemates. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people – who knows, they could become lifelong friends! More importantly, have fun!

Enquire about student accommodation in Liverpool

If you’re yet to secure student accommodation in Liverpool for 2022/23 and beyond, we still have some availability left at CARO Lettings.

With the rising inflation rates, we’ve frozen our prices – allowing you to benefit from fantastic accommodation without breaking the bank.

To find out more about our student lets in Liverpool, or to arrange a viewing, give us a call on 0151 318 4743.

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