How To Prepare For Freshers 2021

How To Prepare For Freshers 2021

Freshers’ fair is a fantastic way to get into campus life and find out more about social events, groups, and activities. If you’re not familiar with your surroundings, you can learn a lot about places you didn’t know existed, too! And if you’re already starting to miss home after just a few days at your student accommodation, it’s a welcome distraction.

This year, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is hosting their student fair at the M&S Bank Arena – which is no more than a 2-mile walk from our student accommodation in Liverpool. Of course, if you don’t fancy a stroll, you could always hop on one of the buses running from campus.

There’s no denying that events like these are always inundated with first-year students, and with so much to see and do it can get extremely busy. That’s why we thought we’d share a few top tips to ensure you make the most of Freshers.

  • Do your research beforehand

There will be loads of weird and wonderful clubs and societies with stalls, all vying for your attention. You’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of national and local brands, learn about the ins and outs of student life, and say hello to your Student Union face-to-face.

Naturally, you want to get round to them all and receive as many freebies as you can. However, our best advice is to see which societies will be attending on the day, so you can handpick the ones you’re particularly interested in and visit them first.

It’s worth noting that certain Fresher events are wristband only, so you’ll want to secure your place in plenty of time for these.

  • Take a bag

You can bet that societies will be handing out loads of free goodies – be it leaflets, pens, samples, and other swag in a bid to lure you into signing up. Although this is great, the question is – how are you going to get it all back to your student accommodation safely?

The chances are you won’t have enough hands to carry everything, so it’s a good idea to think ahead and bring a bag along with you.

  • Be realistic about which societies you’ll join

Those with flashy displays, tasty drinks and snacks, and visual demonstrations are sure to catch your eye as you wander around the M&S Bank Arena – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for you.

Don’t completely disregard the smaller stands. In fact, you may find that these suit your needs better.

Most of all, enjoy yourself!

If you have any further questions regarding Freshers’ fair or our luxury yet affordable student accommodation in Liverpool, contact Caro Lettings. Either call 0151 318 4743 or email, and we’ll be in touch.

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