8 Ways to Instantly Make Your Student Flat Feel Like Home

8 Ways to Instantly Make Your Student Flat Feel Like Home

Caro’s luxury student rooms come complete with en-suite bathrooms, hotel quality double beds and LED TVs!

However, you still want it to feel like your place, so a bit of customisation to help yourself feel more at home goes a long way.

We’ve put together a list of eight ways you can make your student flat feel instantly cosier, and more like home, without breaking the bank.

1. Add some softness with cushions

Few things will make your hub as soft and inviting as cushions. Scatter a few on the sofa for an immediate ‘come sit on me’ feel, or pile them up on your bed to make your bedroom feel more comforting.

Cushions can be bought very cheaply from places like IKEA, Primark or Argos. Head in and get as many as you can for less than £30.

If you can’t afford the fancier cushions, you can simply buy the ones without covers and sew your own. Use scrap fabrics and textures to really add warmth and homeliness to your place.

2. Create ambience with fairy lights

Fairy lights are one of the cheapest forms of lighting you can buy, yet are extremely effective when it comes to creating atmosphere and ambience.

Choose from a variety of types – from multi-coloured to white; canvas bauble to no canvas.

Remember to check with your building manager before using any fairy lights so that they can be checked for safety!

3. Emulate luxury with a throw or comforter

Draping throws or comforters over your bed or furniture is a sure way to emulate luxury – especially if they’re fluffy.

Pair a throw with extra cushions or pillows in your bedroom to bump up your bed’s appeal and create the feeling of being in a hotel.

4. Banish bland floors with soft cosy rugs

Rugs are also something that can be bought relatively cheaply, either from your local homeware store; IKEA or from a local charity shop.

Talk to your flatmates before putting rugs in communal areas. If they’re on board, they’ll probably be willing to split the cost with you.

Did you know that rugs look awesome when layered? Try laying a faux fur rug over a block colour one for some serious interior designer points.

5. Brighten things up with the right lighting

Small coloured lamps can be bought very cheaply from IKEA, Amazon and even your local ASDA or Tesco Home department. Perch them on tables or countertops to create a warm cosy glow.

Standing lamps are great features, providing plenty of light whilst taking up minimal space. They can also be bought in a variety of chic designs, a small opportunity to make a statement.

6. Boost the endorphins by displaying photos

Photographs are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to boost any space.

A classic way to show off photos is in frames. However, why not create a scrapbook-style montage, complete with some good old in-jokes and references?

You can also hang photos by clipping them to pieces of string with small stationary pegs, and hanging them about the house. (This will look especially good with polaroid-style prints).

Washi tape is especially great for holding up photos and barely leaves a mark when removed. Use differently patterned rolls of the stuff to create DIY borders.

7. Show off your personality by using what you have

There’s a lot to be said for using what you have. Consider making your existing belongings into focal pieces or elements of decoration in themselves.

An easy and low cost way of adding some flair to your room is to hanging scarves or ribbons from doorknobs or book shelves- this can help you add your own individual style to your space.

8. Liven up your blank walls

If white walls aren’t your thing get creative with posters and wall hangings to truly make your student space your own.

If you have a favourite piece of tapestry, canvas or flag, hang it proudly on the wall or ceiling and decorating with posters of your favourite bands, films and TV shows will be great conversation starters when you’re hosting pre’s.

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