How to play Santa on a shoestring

Santa Piggy Bank
Santa Piggy Bank How to play Santa on a shoestring

Missed Black Friday?

Erm, well firstly – how?!? But secondly, don’t panic. There’s still time for you to sort your Christmas gifting without breaking the bank.

December is an expensive month. Decorations, nights out (although likely not many this year!), booking train tickets home – it’s all part of the festive fun. But the costs mount up quickly, and that’s before you’ve started buying presents for everyone.

Whilst the clock is definitely ticking, all is not lost. There’s still chance to get sorted before the big day – without paying through the nose!

Gift like a king 

  • Shop savvy

Ok, so you’ve missed Black Friday but there are still many savings to be had. If you’re shopping online use price trackers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Watch out for free posting as shipping fees can add another whack onto your total bill. And you’ll also need to keep an eye on last posting dates (no one wants a Christmas present in January!). If arrival times look touch and go, you might be better opting for click and collect instead.

  • Don’t forget your discounts

A massive perk of studying – student discount! Make sure you use it. Hundreds of stores, on and offline, offer student savings, often with a minimum of 10% off. So be sure to shop wherever it’s offered and cash in on your status.

  • Sit it out

Not for the faint-hearted, but if you can take the pressure of leaving your gift hunting until the very last minute (you’ve made it this far!) then waiting for the Christmas sales to start is guaranteed to bag you a bargain. Head to the stores on Christmas Eve, and you’ll find many of the fantastic Boxing Day sales have already started. Arm yourself with a list to stay focused and you’re sure to save big.

  • Get your craft on

Many people developed their creative side during lockdown – and there’s no need to stop now. A quick Google of ‘Christmas crafts’ and you’ll discover endless inspiration for easy, effective (and cheap!) DIY Christmas gifts. And let’s face it…even if it won’t wash with some people on your gift list, your mum will love it!

  • Scrap the cards

Better for the environment and your pocket. Write off the Christmas cards this year. Feel bad about it? Then why not donate a small amount (no more than half of your usual card budget) to charity and send everyone a message to wish them all the best and tell them that this year you’ve donated to a good cause instead. Win, win.

  • Suggest secret Santa

Are you and your mates all buying presents for each other? We’ll bet you’re not the only one who has left things to last minute. So why not suggest secret Santa? By only buying for one of your group, not only will you massively reduce your shopping time, you’ll also save a packet too.

Keep on saving

Stick to these top tips and your festive finances should stay in shape and see you into the new year.

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