How to be a good medical student - Caro Lets

How To Be A Good Medical Student

Always known that you’ve wanted to study medicine? Being a medical student involves a lot of hard work and determination. You’ll likely spend hours researching universities, perfecting your Personal Statement, attending interviews, waiting for offers, finding student accommodation and studying for exams. Working in the medical industry is a highly rewarding, interesting and enjoyable career, …

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How to recognise a drink that’s been spiked - Caro Lettings

How To Recognise A Drink That’s Been Spiked

With almost 200 incidents reported to the police across the country in the last two months – some involving needles – drug spiking in the UK has doubled over the last three years. The most worrying thing about these incidents is that they took place at both licensed premises and private parties, and included male …

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Staying Safe On A Night Out In Liverpool - Caro Lettings

How To Stay Safe On A Night Out In Liverpool

People say your university years are the best years of your life, and with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, visit new places, and try new things – it’s clear to see why. Moving into student accommodation in Liverpool is a brilliant way to make new friends. And with some of the city’s best …

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Shop Local - Caro Lettings

The Benefits Of Shopping Locally

Regardless of whether you’re in your first year or your third year, managing your finances at university is never easy. Aside from paying the monthly rent and affording the weekly food shop, you’ll probably want to be able to fund nights out in town and sport the latest fashion trends, too. UNiDays and Student Beans …

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Saving Money Whilst At University - Caro Lettings

How To Save Money When Studying At University

University is likely to be your first time living away from home, as it is for most students. You’ll have to learn how to cook your own meals, use the washing machine, and attend social events, whilst studying for a degree and staying at student accommodation in Liverpool. With all that newfound independence – and …

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5 Things To Do In Liverpool This Halloween - Caro Lettings

5 Things To Do In Liverpool This Halloween

Halloween 2020 was a little different from what we’re used to. Now almost 65% of the population in England is fully vaccinated and most social restrictions are gone, we’re all excited to restore a sense of normality on 31st October! Whether you’re looking forward to spooktacular parties at your student accommodation in Liverpool or you’ve …

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app for students - caro lettings

5 Apps Every First-Year Student Needs

If you’ll be living away from your loved ones and home comforts for the first time, like most first-year students, you’re bound to feel nervous. But this needn’t be the case if you’re staying with us at Caro Lettings. We provide some of the most modern and secure student accommodation Liverpool has to offer – …

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Albert Dock

8 Reasons To Study In Liverpool

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a post-graduate looking to enrol on a master’s degree, where you choose to study can have a huge impact on your experience. From cities and towns to suburbs and the countryside, universities are located in a variety of environments, and each offers a totally different experience. When choosing a uni, …

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How To Prepare For Freshers 2021

Freshers’ fair is a fantastic way to get into campus life and find out more about social events, groups, and activities. If you’re not familiar with your surroundings, you can learn a lot about places you didn’t know existed, too! And if you’re already starting to miss home after just a few days at your …

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University Graduation

How to prepare for your graduation ceremony

Have you heard the news? Graduation is on for both 2020 and 2021 graduates! Like every other university in the country, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) had no option but to postpone their 2020 summer and winter graduation ceremonies due to the pandemic. However, they are well aware of just how frustrating it was for …

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