15 Inspirational Entrepreneur Blogs to Motivate You in 2018

15 Inspirational Entrepreneur Blogs to Motivate You in 2018

As a full-time entrepreneur, or even someone that’s trying to build their business on the side of full-time work, sometimes you just need a little encouragement.

You want to know that it can be done. That the blood, sweat and tears are all worth it. That you’re going about it the ‘right’ way.

Or maybe you just have no idea where to start, and need a little motivation and guidance to get going.

These 15 entrepreneur blogs hold some of the most invaluable info in the business world right now, with all the secrets to success oozing out of other successful people’s misadventures.

From business consultants to copywriters, marketers to graphic designers, life coaches to tech-wizards…each of these moguls provides a number of insights and tools to help you build your own business success.

So next time you’ve got a spare minute amongst the madness, or looking for something to read in your serviced Liverpool apartment to rent, these are the entrepreneurs whose blogs you should be following in 2018.

Smart Passive Income


Founder: Pat Flynn

Geared towards entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income is a treasure trove of helpful resources to help you earn a passive income online.

A self-made online entrepreneur, Flynn considers himself the ‘dummy’ of finding out what works and what doesn’t online. Sign up to his mailing list and you’ll get customised emails based on your own personal business goals, as well as invaluable SEO knowledge and content tips. You’ll also love his down-to-earth, straight-talking style.

Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and SEO & co-founder of Vayner Media, his own tech start-up company that services a number of Fortune 500 businesses.

After helping his father’s business WineLibrary.com grow from four to 60 million in sales in the late 90s, Vaynerchuk realised he was pretty good at this entrepreneurship thing. Since then he’s been helping thousands of people achieve similar success through his podcasts, books and his VIP ‘First in Line’ club.

You might even catch him starring in Apple first TV series ‘Planet of the Apps’, where he stars alongside Will.I.Am, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow!

Entrepreneurs Journey


Founder: Yaro Starak

Entrepreneur’s Journey is any newbie entrepreneur’s go-to guide on setting up a profitable website or blog.

Read how founder Yaro Starak started making his money online with his first website for Magic cards in college (!), followed by his first BIG money-making site – an essay editing service. With a variety of resources such as email courses, podcasts, videos and paid coaching, Starak guides through the step-by-step process of making your own financial and time freedom. There’s even a free business blueprint you can download, too.

The Entrepreneur’s Library


Founder: Wade Danielson

The Entrepreneur’s Library is a fun community and resource hub for entrepreneurs, ‘wantrepreneurs’, and small business owners everywhere. By reading and reviewing the latest business books, Wade and his team fish out the garbage so you can read the ones that’ll actually move you forward, and help you achieve your business goals.

The podcast is a goldmine for business book-lovers everywhere, exploring their deeper takeaways and letting you know just which ones you need to add to your Amazon basket.

Startup Savant


Founder: Ryan James

Startup Savant is an invaluable, FREE resource that reviews various business services and software. For new business owners or entrepreneurs it’s gold, especially as it could save you a lot of cash.

Outlining the five categories of starting a business – formation, compliance, planning, branding and finance – Start Up Savant provides a step-by-step guide through each of these five stages, showing you exactly the tools and services that’ll help get you ahead.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur


Founder: Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson has been travelling the world since 2010, visiting over 70 countries (and counting!) all whilst running a full time business.

Before founding her first business, a tech company in 2009, Sisson had worked in the world of PR and marketing for eight years before realising that there was surely more to life than this.

Now, she champions freedom and the art of not having any burdens, having made it her mission to help more men and women acquire more business and adventure into their lives.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Founder: Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger believes that everybody – including you, me, that person over there – should get to have more time doing the things they enjoy. That might mean travelling the world; pursuing their passion, and making money doing what they love.

Whether you’re still wondering how to do all of the above, or have already made the leap and are looking for stories and strategies to inspire you, then Jesse is your man. Concerned less about entrepreneurship as a single entity and more about ‘lifestyle design’, Jesse welcomes all newcomers and longtime business-heads into his community of lifestyle entrepreneurs, teaching you how to build an online business you can run from anywhere in the world so you can live a life “worthy of a screenplay”.

Drayton Bird


As anyone in business should know, good copy can transform your advertising. Which in turn can transform your sales…and your business.

Drayton Bird is a British marketing expert and public speaker, who is said to perhaps know more about marketing than “anyone else in the world”, according to David Ogilvy himself. He made his fortune in copywriting and marketing, setting up what later became Britain’s largest marketing agency which he later sold to none other than Ogilvy & Mather – Ogilvy’s company that rocked the world of advertising.

Drayton now coaches copywriting and advertising via courses, books, events and workshops around the world. However, the best and easiest way to soak up his wisdom is probably to sign up to his email list. Each day you’ll receive a short and easily-readable quick advertising lesson, told through Drayton’s  signature dry wit and side-splitting humour.

The Rant


Founder: John Carlton

John Carlton describes himself as “the dude for solving any biz problem”, which he does through courses, emails, books, and his personal blog which he aptly calls ‘The Rant’.

John has worked with direct response giants Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert for years, as well as being the hotshot ‘secret weapon’ freelance copywriter that Los Angeles agencies would sneak in the back door. Even many successful marketers in the world admit to using John’s templates for their own breakthrough pitches.

Dry, sarcastic and witty, he’s the bad cop on your shoulder who motivates you to be a good cop…and actually get stuff done. He has a humorous take on every difficult business problem – even the serious ones – and inspires action with his impressive ability to relate, empathise and encourage. Throw in his gritty, self-deprecating humour and some invaluable life-improving tips, and you’ve enough material to keep you fascinated for weeks.



Founder: Matthew Toren

Started in February 2006 as a way for a young entrepreneurial UK student to share his ongoing lessons in blogging and business, Matthew Toren’s Blogtrepreneur is now one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur blogs online.

The blog has grown in popularity mostly thanks to Matthew’s dedication to and passion for online entrepreneurship, as well as his journey from newbie to business-boosting-brainiac, and his powerful resources for businesses both online and off.



Founder: Erica Douglas

Erica Douglas has been there through every trial and tribulation of the business world.

Having built and sold a million dollar business by the time she was 26, she now teaches others how to build a business they love through her loveable honesty, openness and ability to take things right to the point.

Her blog erica.biz shares her thoughts on business success and failure; as well as interviews with other admirable business men and women, email newsletters, and a free community sharing business tips you won’t find anywhere else.

The Mogul Mom


Current founder: Gabriella Ribeiro

The Mogul Mom believes you CAN run a business, raise a family, and rock both. And Gabriella and her team will show you how.

For women trying to do both, things can get pretty overwhelming and sometimes even lonely. Many women don’t have someone they can delegate tasks to, or share the load when things get rough. When you need some encouragement yourself, that’s when you go to Mogul Mom.

Started in 2007, The Mogul Mom is an invaluable resource for business-juggling mums everywhere. Full of articles, advice and actionable, inspirational tips and ideas for your business, it’ll become your personal helping hand you’ll wonder how you did without.

Mars Dorian


Young, hip and determined, Mars Dorian is an illustrator, designer and marketer, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Prepare to be told why your business card sucks; why your email copy isn’t delivering results and why you’re not yet famous on the internet. But also prepare to be better off as a result.

Mars can give you help with branding, and refreshing advice on how to hit your clients where it matters – their hearts. Still young, he’s on a one-way mission to inspire other ‘digital crusaders’ around the world to build their own indie author career and live life on their own terms.

His approach can be summed up in his motto: “When you’re not trying so hard to fit in, you’re free to stand out.”

Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is not just an entrepreneur. He’s a best-selling author, philanthropist, America’s #1 business strategist and known as the world authority on leadership psychology.

Having worked for years as a qualified life coach and business consultant, Tony knows a few things about making success happen. He’s helped thousands of people reach their personal and business goals by overcoming limiting beliefs, mastering their thoughts and creating a new positive mindset that will propel them towards an extraordinary life.

Tony believes that business success and personal fulfillment go hand in hand. So it’s only natural he has two sections on his website – one to help you nail your business goals, and one to help you overcome mental obstacles that may be holding you back personally.

Through his hundreds of videos, online articles, online coaching and immersive live speaking events, you too can feel immediately inspired and empowered with Tony’s wisdom, both at the workplace and away from it.



Founder: Hongkiat Lim

Hongkiat is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs who are perhaps not as tech-savvy as they’d like to be…or maybe for those who just want to do things the quick way.

The site is bursting full of tips, tricks, tutorials, tool recommendations and plenty of freebies that web designers, bloggers, graphic designers and entrepreneurs will love. Find guides on anything, from the best free services to buy and sell mobile apps, to the best free e-books for social media marketers, and the best WordPress plugins to improve post management.

Whether you’re starting a new business on a low budget or need a little help getting started, Hongkiat will give you some techy know-how you’ll be amazed you didn’t know before.

Are there any other amazing business blogs we should know about? Let us know!

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