The Complete Guide to Bossing Your First Year of Uni

The Complete Guide to Bossing Your First Year of Uni

Life in first year can be so full on, you might not know where to start!

Well have no fear, here at CARO Lettings we have compiled a list of everything you should take advantage of in your first year living in Liverpool!

Take in everything Liverpool has to offer with your new found university friends this year. If you are staying in shared Liverpool student accommodation, then what better way to make friends than exploring what this great city has to offer! We aim to make sure you know everything and everywhere you should be visiting in Liverpool.

So let’s dive in and find out how to make your first year at uni a memorable one.

1. Explore Liverpool’s great city

Liverpool is known for its rich history and culture; there’s always sure to be something everybody will want to visit and enjoy. There is a reason it was named the Capital of Culture not so long ago!

Whether it’s a paid tour to find out this city’s rich history or a chance to take in Liverpool’s great sights that are free to all, we are sure there is something for you. Take a look at the vast selection of ideas below.

Free Things to Do In Liverpool – Liverpool Echo

Top 12 Tourist Attractions – Planet Ware

Nightlife in Liverpool – Trip Advisor

All Places in Liverpool – Atlas Obscura

2. Join one of your University’s Societies

Joining one of your university’s great societies or sports groups can be one of the best ways to meet new people and gain some friends for life. Meeting up with people who all share the same passion as you is a great way to bond over a beer!

Below is a list of the different societies and sports groups that you can join while attending one of Liverpool’s Universities. Take a look and join yours today!

Variety of Societies for all – Liverpool Guild

University of Liverpool Sports – University of Liverpool

LJMU Societies and Sport Groups – Liverpool John Moores University

3. Plan your study year abroad

Spending a year abroad learning more about your university course and gaining real life experience can be an amazing experience for you. You get the chance to learn more about your industry and get some amazing life skills all at the same time.

Make sure you prepare fully for your year abroad to make the most of this experience. Here are some resources to help you on your way.

Prepare for studying abroad – International Student

Studying Abroad Student Guide – Study Abroad

7 Ways to Study Abroad for Cheap – Go Abroad

10 Ways to Study Abroad – Go Overseas

4. Take up some unusual hobbies

Looking to get out of your student flats with your new university mates? Why not try taking up a new hobby with your friends to keep you out and about in your spare time.

Take a look through the weird and wonderful things that Liverpool has to offer. We are sure that we will find something that suits you!

10 Unusual Things to Do in Liverpool – Culture Trip

20 things to do in Liverpool – Independent Liverpool

8 Exciting Hobbies to try in Liverpool – Signature Liverpool

Best Hobby Shops In Liverpool – Yelp

5. Learns the basics of Independence

A few weeks into your first year of university and missing your mum’s home cooked meals? Missing the home comforts of not having to keep your room tidy or wash your clothes?

Now is the time to step up and become the next master chef of your household. Learning the basics and becoming an independent person is one of the great things about going to university. Embrace these new challenges – we have a few helpful recourses to get you on your way below.

Student Recipes – Save the student

The idiots guide to laundry – The Student Housing Company

Saving Space in your University room –Liberty Living

Student Cleaning Tips – Wilko life

6. Watch a whole box-set in one day!

First year can end up with having lots of spare time. You can find yourself in your room or sat in the living rooms with your flat mates. Why not spend the time watching one of the many amazing TV series that are all over the TV and internet? There are so many great box-sets flying around these days there is sure to be one for you.

Browse through and find the perfect box-set for you today.

Best Shows on Netflix – Wired

Top 5 Legal TV shows – The Student Lawyer

10 Box-sets no student should be without – Telegraph

12 TV Shows Students Should Binge Watch at Uni – Student Cribs

7. Lastly, let’s not forget, you have to work hard!

First year of University may not mean a huge amount to your overall degree, BUT, it does set a tone of how the following years will go. You might not need to get a 1st and ace everything you do but it starts the ball rolling on the commitment that you’ll  have to put into the years that do count.

First year is all about trying new things, meeting new people and having a generally great time. However it is also about how you will continue to fit all the fun times in along with the hard work that is required to get the degree you eventually want!

Here are some tips to get your started.

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